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The 3 ways to get to Gilda:

   By airplane in 50 minutes airport Acapulco by taxi to Hotelgilda $ 600,  it takes an hour.

   By bus: every hour from south central Tasqueña, the trip takes about five hours to Acapulco Then byTaxi to Luces del Mar, we can organize a taxi transfer for approx. 280 pesos, you can also stay a night in Taxco and then go to Acapulco.

   By Car: approx 4 hours there are two possibilities: 
On the highway to Acapulco Costera as indicated turn right to Pie de la Cuesta follow direction Barra de Coyuca passing the restaurant Tres Marias, the Air Force , to Luces en el Mar and turn left where the sign indicates Hotelgilda.

 AVOIDING ACAPULCO,Because of the work on the road Acapulco-Pie de la Cuesta, the other version: leave the motorway before the tunnel  Acapulco heading to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. (30min)  reach Zihuatanejo-Acapulco highway, at the junction there is a military checkpoint and turn left. Before reaching Acapulco, go right in to Pie de la Cuesta towards Barra de Coyuca passing the Tres Marias restaurant, turn right, pass the Air Force, the Hotel "Parador del sol" to Luces del Mar and turn left where the sign indicates Hotelgilda down to the beach. 
Our area is free of violence. 
When there is a lot of traffic in Acapulco in high season,it is the best way to avoid traffic jams in the city. We have private parking at the hotel.

  To move in the area: 
Busses and colectiv taxis pass near Hotelgilda going to Acapulco for 10respectively 25 pesos and some vans that run between Pie de la Cuesta and the Barra de Coyuca for 15 pesos.

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